Spotify APK Download for Android & PC

Music is essential for every one of us to keep our mood calm and motivated, music has the power to change your mood within seconds. Today we are about to discuss the revolutionary Music application, Spotify. Spotify deserves space in every music lover’s phone. In this article, you can find everything related to Spotify APK and the perfect tutorial to Install it on your phone.

What is Special about Spotify?

Spotify is an Audio Streaming app that is now available in almost every country of the world, Spotify is known as a revolutionary app because it had a big role in reducing online Music piracy that was taking away a big profit of the artist and music producers. On Spotify, Artists can create their profile and upload their albums and music, and users can listen to them free of cost (For some premium features like music downloading you have to pay a small subscription fee). And the main point to be noted is that its providing music for free legally, so you don’t have to risk your security by downloading and listening songs from malware websites.

Spotify Features

  • Listen to Unlimited music everyday for free legally.
  • Millions of artists are available on Spotify, and most probably your favourite music legend is on Spotify too.
  • Very minimal advertisements that doesn’t spoil your music experience.
  • You can become a premium member and completely remove ads from your Spotify app.
  • You can download the songs which you listen to frequently, and listen to them offline (Only for Pro members).
  • You can keep listening to songs while playing small games like geometry dash on your phone.
  • Create and share playlists with your friends on a single click.
  • If you are a growing Musician, you must get your artist profile and start uploading your music to Spotify.

Download Spotify APK for Android

Downloading Spotify APK to your Android phone is really easy and any one can do you, all you have to do is follow the steps given below, to Install and get started with Spotify account.

  1. Go to your Android Playstore, and search for “Spotify” in the search box.
  2. Click on download, and wait till the app is downloaded to your device. It will be automatically start the installation and will be installed in few minutes.
  3. You are ready to go with your Spotify app now. Open the app from your home screen and click on Start Free trial.
  4. Spotify is providing a trial of 1 Month for new users you can signup for it to get premium features free for one month.
  5. Enter your Email Address and sign up to start your free trial & enjoy uninterrupted music.

Download Spotify for PC

There are 2 major ways to play music through Spotify on your PC.

  1. Using Spotify Web Player: Spotify has a web player that can be accessed through the URL – which can be opened in any good web browser like google chrome. Open the web player and login to your Spotify account to start streaming free music on your laptop.
  2. Using Spotify App: Spotify has official app for almost every major operating system like Windows, iOS, Android and Mac, if you are interested in having dedicated Spotify app on your laptop, you can download it from the official app store of the operating system you are using.


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