How To Make Your Own Favorite List TV Of Channels In Redbox TV

The Redbox TV app contains more than 1000 channels in different languages. It is common that all of the channels will not be your favorite, so when you do not like them then there is no use of having all of them in the list. So here we are having a solution for this issue, The Redbox TV app allows you to make a separate your own dedicated list of all of your most favorite TV channels. So just add all your liked channels for once to the favorite list and you are done. Now you do not need to again search for your most liked TV channel.

To add channels to the favorite list, you just need to press on the TV channel for long. As you will press long on the TV channel, one option will appear to you to add the channel as favorite. So just select yes and you are done, the channel is now in your favorite list.

Come to the home screen of the app

Come to the home screen of the app

Find your favorite TV channel

Press long on the channel

Choose yes

Choose yes

How To Find The Favorite List In Redbox TV App

On the top left of the app, you will find the option of the main menu

Come to the home screen of the app

As you will tap on the menu icon, all the option will appear to you

redbox tv favorite

Choose “Favorite”

The favorite list will appear

favorite list on Redbox Tv

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