How To Select A Default Video Player In Redbox TV

How To Select A Default Video Player In Redbox TV

Redbox TV support all of the major video player like MX player, 321 player, XMTV player, and many more others. So it is up to you that which video player you want to use to enjoy Redbox TV to watch live TV for free.

You just need to go to the settings and choose video player. After choosing the video player option, all of the video layer option will come to you. Now you can choose anyone which will become the default video player of the app

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You have two ways,

While using the Redbox TV application you are having two options.

Choose a video player everytime you go for Live TV: Every you will go for live TV, the app will ask you to choose the Video player which you want to use. So you can choose any of your loved ones.

Go to setting and make any of default: You can make any video player default, so this way you do not need to choose video player option while Live TV.

By default there will not be any video player selected, so every time your app will require to choose a video player. If you comfortable with it then you do not need to do anything.

But you are frustrated with choosing video player every time, you can go to setting and make some changes.

Below we provided the detailed steps to do this.

Go to the setting: Top left of the app you will see the setting icon. So as you will tap setting all options will appear.

Choose Video Player: You have to choose the option of “video player”

Choose Your Desired Video Player: All of the supported video players options will appear to you, so just select any on your favorite.

You are done.

List Of Video Player Supported By The Redbox TV

  1. Mx Player
  2. XYZ player
  3. 321 Player
  4. Android Player
  5. Web Player
  6. XMTV Player
  7. Web Video Cast Player
  8. Bubbleupon Player
  9. Localcast Player

Our Recommendation

Which player you select to watch live TV is your choice. You can choose any of the video player supported by the Redbox TV. But if you ask us, then we will recommend to choose MX player because it is easy and contain many features like up & down volume with touch, control brightness with touch and some of the other features.

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