Terrarium TV APK 2018 Download (Ads Free ) For Android & PC

What is Terrarium TV APK

Here we are to reviews to one of the most popular Android apps which becomes much popular in few months across the world especially in the United States of America.  We will discuss the app how you can use it? what are the main features of the app? etc

Terrarium TV it is one of the most popular TV series and movies streaming app for Android where you can watch all of your favorite and latest release movies in full HD quality for free.  The app comes with open source license so you do not need to pay any kind of subscription or any hidden charges for using the app on Android device.

terrarium TV Apk

How To Download The Terrarium TV APK To Your Android Smartphone

  • Allow your device for unknown sources
  • Download the terrarium TV APK from here
  • Tab on the downloaded file to install
  • Wait till the install complete
  • Done

These are the simple four steps to download the Terrarium TV APK

What Is The Unknown Source? And How To Allow It On Android?

To install the apps which are not listed to play store, you have to allow your device for unknown sources. It is simple, you just need to make some change to the Android setting.

  • Phones setting
  • Go to general setting
  • Now visit security
  • Allow unknown sources

How To Download Terrarium TV APK

Click here to downlaod the App Apk, our downlaod link do not contain any kind of virus or malware. It is safe to use still if you are having any doubt you can scan it after downloading.

Install The App APK

After downlaod just go to the download folder and tap on the APK file which you just downloaded. As you will tap on the APK it will show the option to install. Just tap on the “install” and wait till it ends.

Benefits Of Having App On Android

Movie Anytime: With the help of the app you can watch the movies any time, as per your choice. You can watch films over the app while traveling or while waiting for somebody. Because we carry our phone everywhere we go.

Download or stream:  It is up to you want to download the film or you want to scream it online.  so you can easily download the movies for offline view and can watch films even without any internet or the network.

Terrarium TV For Windows PC

If you are looking to download the app for windows pc then i will let you know that there is not having any official app version for the Windows operating system. But by using an Android emulator for the windows you can start using the Terrarium TV on windows.

Steps To Download  Terrarium TV For PC

  • Download BlueStacks
  • install BlueStacks
  • Download app APK on PC
  • Install the APK file to BlueStacks
  • Enjoy

How To Download  BlueStacks/ Android Emulator

BlueStacks is an Android emulator and it is our choice for best. If you do not want to use BlueStacks you can use any Android Emulator for Windows.

  1. Visit the official site of BlueStacks
  2. Tap on the download button, as you will tap the download button it will bring you to a new landing page
  3. Click on the download button
  4. Wait till the download finish
  5. Once the download is finished simply tap on the downloaded file and wait till it completes the installation.

Now you just need to download that I Terrarium TV APK file, which you can download from here. Once it is downloaded to your PC simply go to BlueStacks and install the downloaded APK file.

you are done

The Benefit Of Having Terrarium TV App On Windows PC

The smartphone comes with limited screen size, it can be maximum six to seven inches in the screen size.  Watching movies and TV shows on a limited screen size can decrease your movies watching experience.

So simply you can move to Windows PC to use the app on a bigger screen size.

In the Windows app store, you will not find any free apps like terrarium TV for watching movies and TV shows for free. So having this app on Windows can help you to watch tons of movies for free.

Terrarium TV For MAC

There is not any official version of the app for the Mac too. Like windows, it needed to download an Android emulator like Bluestack over your MAC device. Bluestack is also for the MAC too. Simply visit the Bluestack official site and download the app and install it.

Once The Bluestack installation finish, download and install the app APK on Blustack to start using Terrarium TV APK on MAC

Why Is App Not In Play Store?

Yes, the app is not listed to the play store. Due to the terms and condition of the playstore, the app can not be added. Because the app is about streaming pirated content so that is why you can not find the app on the Play store. The only way to download the app is the Fan made sites and APK stores. Even there is not any official websites of the app, few months before the official website shut down, now the developer is active on the Reddit.

Is App legal? Is App illegal?

Yes the app is illegal as we say before and that is why you can not find the app on the Playstore. The app stream movies and TV shows without any legal permission from the creators of the original film. Streaming pirated content is illegal, so clearly the app is illegal.

is App safe to use? is App Dangerous?

Yes, the app is safe to use, there is no danger in the downloading and using the app on your device. The app is illegal but there is no harm in using the app. Even it does not contain any kind of virus or malware which will affectå your device.

Terrarium TV VS Netflix

If you are wondering that watching Netflix show is impossible without the premium subscription of Netflix but here you might be wrong. Terrarium Tv a Movie and tv show streaming app just like Netflix  & Amazon prime but, Terrarium Tv gives you all the access for free and without any subscription fees. Yes, no subscriptions fees for lifetime.  All the new releases tv shows or movies are available here on this app.

The most famous series on Netflix which was trending all the year was 13 Reasons why season 1 & 2. This serial made quite a buzz this year but can you only watch this show on Netflix? No, this series was first released on Netflix but it is now available on terrarium tv apk also.

Anyone can download this amazing app and watch all the seasons in best picture quality only on terrarium tv apk 

13 Reason Why Season 2 On Terrarium tv

If you are looking forward to watch this amazing sex, drama and violence series than we have come prepared for you.

First, you have to go to the pull-down menu where trending movies and serials are shown by default. Then you have press down the arrow and search for Netflix List.

When you find the Netflix List, click on the list and all the trending Netflix shows will appear on your screen.

Now you have to click on the show you want to watch. Here we will go with 13 Reason Why series.

Now you can see that we a can access both the seasons here for free of cost and we can watch and download also the same.

By this way, you can watch any show and movie here on Terrarium Tv app for free of cost. No need to pay a hefty amount to other video streaming apps when you can avail all their content for free here in the amazing application.

Any show can be watched in multiple formats according to your data plan you can switch any version you like. A show can be watched from 1080p  to 360p also. This large variety gives user compatibility and easy interface.

Features of Terrarium Tv

  • No limits to number of movies and Tv shows you can stream and download.
  • Trakt integration to help you keep track of the content you’ve watched so you can continue watching from where you left off, no matter what app or service you’re using.
  • Faster, better links that cut buffering time significantly.
  • Links with the file size mentioned in front of them, so you can manage your internet bandwidth allowance, internet speed and quality to get a smooth streaming experience.
  • Quick updation of content, within hours of being aired.
  • The most diverse range of genres covered to get you something of each type.
  • A very helpful “see also” tab with each show or movie to help you find entertainment suggestions matching the one you looked up.
  • This app is not available in play store but is the most viral movie streaming app of all time.


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